Zonta Club members besides a car trunk full of Orange Bags

The Orange Bag Project

February 15th, 2022, The Zonta Club Of Toronto is pleased to announce the launch of its newest service project - The Orange Bag Project

Covid has and still does prevent many clubs from carrying much of the service work that had been such a great part of a being a Zontian. During the past year, Zonta Toronto was able to support many agencies such as the Food Bank, Women’s College Hospital Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC) in large part though our donation of members’ dinner funds. Times Change Women’s Employment Service and The White Ribbon Campaign were supported through our annual Car Rally. But the Club missed the hands-on aspect of service and we have developed the Orange Bag project.

The Project

The plan is for each month Club members will support a different charitable organization through donations of products such as feminine hygiene products, soaps and shampoo, diapers and other products as specifically requested by the selected agency. We have learned that the needs of organizations vary so we do not presume to know what they will help most, so we ask them what we should donate. Each month, different members, who are able, will purchase the products and be responsible for delivery. This will give more members the opportunity to participate. Donations will be delivered in Orange Bags bearing the Zonta Toronto Logo (additional products can be in boxes if needed). Depending on weather, Zontians may choose to wear the orange hats and/or Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women T-shirts.

The first of the drop offs for the Orange Bag Project took place at the Sistering on February 15th, 2022. Since 1981, Sistering has provided a safe space and strong community to the growing number of women and trans people. Sistering’s services include food access, harm reduction, workshops through Spun Studio, employment support through On the Path, drop-in/respite services, case support, medical and housing access.

Social Media Coverage

The Orange Bag Project will not only help Zonta Toronto continue to support their Community in need through service but also raise the profile of the Club through social media postings. The Orange Bags with the Club Logos is expected to be a recognizable image as postings are made on a regular basis through out the year. In addition, the Club will also request the receiving organizations to not only send a thank you notes but to also post photos on their own social media. This is an opportunity for Service, Advocay and Membership Committees of Zonta Clubs to collaborate and reach out to difference audiences and perhaps draw few new members. If you would like more information, please contact Zonta Club of Toronto at service@zontatoronto.org

Orange Bag Donation The Large recognizable Orange Bags bearing the logo of Zonta Club of Toronto were kindly donated by Senator Tony Dean and Club Secretary Marie Boutilier

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