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Women in STEM Scholarship (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics)

Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarships to encourage women to pursue education, career opportunities and leadership roles in information technology

Scholarship Amount

Toronto Club: CAD $500

International Level: US$5,000

with no restrictions on use of the award.

Who is Eligible?


  • Applicant is required to qualify what her field of study is under STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Designated Degree Program List can be used to determine if your field of study is eligible:
  • Be enrolled in at least the second year of an undergraduate program through the final year of a master’s program at the time the application is submitted to the local Zonta club. A verification of current enrollment must be submitted with the application. Note that acceptance letters are not verification of enrollment and will not be accepted.
  • Demonstrate a superior academic record at a recognized university or college with accredited courses in STEM studies as verified by official transcripts and recommendation letters.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in a STEM degree program by 15 September 2023 and must not graduate before April 2024.

How to Apply:

Toronto Club Application Deadline: Friday May 19th 2023

You can find more details here:

  1. Women-in-STEM-Scholarship-Poster
  2. Women-in-STEM-Scholarship-Guidelines-clubs-districts-regions
  3. Women-in-STEM-Scholarship-Description

Application: Please fill out the application for Women-in-STEM-Scholarship award

Please email the completed application to

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