Birthing Kits

Birthing Kits

Birthing KitsThe Zonta Club of Toronto has undertaken a project to assemble birthing kits to be delivered to areas of need throughout the world.   The kits will be prepared and assembled by the members and friends of the Zonta Club of Toronto.

One hundred and twenty million women give birth every year, 86% deliver in developing countries, 60 million of these are women who either have the assistance of a Traditional Birth Attendant or no assistance at all. Half a million women die annually, many from infection, tetanus and other complications. For every woman who dies in childbirth, around another 30 women (15 million) incur injuries and infections, many of which are often painful, disabling, embarrassing and lifelong.

Birthing Kits save lives and reduces suffering by providing for a clean birth.

The birthing kits will be distributed by a registered charitable organization with links to established clinics that will ensure that the kits are provided with instructions on use. Each kit is ensuring that three people have a safer birthing experience – the birth mother, the baby and the attendant. All materials in the kits are ‘clean’ as human hands will not have touched the contents.  In packaging the kits all persons handling materials to go inside the kits are gloved.

Next birthing kit build:

Birthing Kit Build November 12, 2016 9am to 11:30 am